Students practical work on the computer lab.

Mehri heravi with more than 6,000 high school students in the morning and afternoon time, a view of the morning ceremony.

The students involved in the study, high school library with over 5,000 books heravi Mehri is to serve students.

View of the courtyard of Mehri High School student during off hour




History of Mehri Herawi High School   Mehri Herawi high school was established as the first educational and cultural society under the title of (Herat kindergarten) by Abdullah Khan Malikyar, the governor of Herat, in 1324 AH At the beginning, 24 students were taught by Kaka Abdul Fatah khan Saljoqi, one of the respectable scholar of Herat. The two teachers

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Some of our top students

  • Nargis (Ten Grade – A)

  • Faieza Fazl (Twelve Grade- A)

  • Mursal Fakoori (Eleventh Grade)

  • Najia Shivani (Ten Grade- A)

  • Maryam Sarshar (Ten Grade)

  • Sonia Mohammadi (Eleventh grade)

  • Somaie Mosavi (Eleventh grade)